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I Feel...

I Feel... is a simple, silly book that's a great way for kids to talk about and discover it's alright to feel different emotions. The witty and childlike illustrations are easy to have fun with making faces along with the reader! Sometimes wordy descriptions of emotions get in the way of their real meaning. A look can go a long way in teaching children about feelings. Use I Feel... to start a discussion, or just have fun reading with your child!

I Feel...Too!

Did you ever notice the more you make others feel good, the better you feel yourself? This play on the original I Feel… book helps kids understand the importance of taking time to compliment others and the personal reward for doing so. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. 

I Feel...Different

I Feel...Different, joins DJ Corchin's popular I Feel... children's book series to help teach kids how our differences are what makes us special. The book explores feeling alone or different because of the way one might act, believe, or look. Like the other books in the series, the simple, silly illustrations help engage a child and start a discussion. The use of solid colors and expressions capture the eye and a mix of vocabulary allows for young readers to be successful.

I Feel...Sick

It happens. Sometimes we just don't feel well. I Feel...Sickjoins the popular I Feel... children's book series. Feeling sick isn't fun. In fact, it can be really gross. I Feel...Sick is a humorous and simple discussion starter with the series' signature wit, good mix of vocabulary, and solid colors that makes them fun, easy reads for a child. 

I Feel...Awesome

I Feel...Awesome adds another wonderful title to the extremely popular I Feel... Children's Book Series. It explores in its signature rhyme style how doing good things can make you feel well...awesome! Sharing, caring, and being responsible are all lessons to be learned. I Feel...Awesome helps the discussion in a fun and witty way with clever, simple illustrations that kids love.

I Feel...Meh

Sometimes you just feel…meh. You don’t really feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. Is that bad? How do I get out of the funk? I Feel…Meh joins the award winning I Feel…Children’s Book Series helping to discuss apathy. 

I Feel...Angry

I Feel...Angry helps discuss what you may do when you feel angry as well as some suggestions on how to calm down. It was one of the most requested topic to discuss and is now part of the award winning series! 

I Feel... Anxious

Sometimes I feel anxious. Sometimes I feel worries. And sometimes these unsettling feelings can grow until they feel totally overwhelming! It's hard to feel this way but there are lots of things to do to help me feel better. I'll just take it one step at a time. 

I Feel...Lonely

I Feel...Lonely helps discuss what you may do when you're feeling lonely and what activities you could participate in to make you feel more connected. It now joins the award winning series! 

I Feel...Allergic

I Feel...Allergic speaks to children with allergies from mild to severe. It's a wonderful conversation starter to discuss allergies as part of the whole person. 

I Feel... Something

If my tummy is growling, I might need lunch. If my arm is tingly and uncomfortable I might have an itch. We all have sensations within our bodies that tell us things like we’re hungry, hot or cold, or feeling sick. Interoception is the ability to understand what those sensations mean. I Feel… Something introduces readers to Interoception and helps explore how we can better recognize what we’re feeling inside. 

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