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DJ Corchin is an author and illustrator of many children’s books. He uses his unique humor and wit to focus on socially conscious messages involving kindness and emotional awareness. Some of his other titles include, Do You Speak Fish?, A Thousand NO's, Half-Cat, and Mystical Rules For My Magical Daughter.  DJ has both illustrated his own stories as well as worked with other talented artists such as award winning-illustrator and writer, Dan Dougherty.

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Awesome Facts About DJ

• He's published 24 titles and growing! 
• Was the Unicycling Trombone Player in BLAST!
  (Tony & Emmy Award-Winning Broadway Show)
• Was a High School Band Director
• Lives in Chicago, IL 
• Also writes as his alter ego The 13th Chair
  (Band Nerds Book Series)
• Loves Shel Silverstein, Dr. Suess, Tim Burton, Edward           Gorey, Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grim and more!
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